Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1933 Singer Featherweight

 Finally here is my Featherweight!  I thought I had it on here but I didn't.  These photos were taken before I really cleaned her up.  

She is a 1933 Singer Featherweight.  I found out that this was the first year that they made the 221.  
I bought her back in 2008, I believe for $5.  Yep!  $5!  She was in a thrift store and they had just set her out.  I asked the lady how much and she replied $15.  I asked if I could plug her up, but they didn't have an outlet available, or so they said.  In the end, I got her down to $5 because I didn't know if she sewed or not.  I figured that if she didn't, she would still be pretty to set out and display.  
I got her home and out of her case, plugged her in and she just hummed but did NOTHING.  My heart sank just a little.  
 When Richard got home that evening, I showed him what I bought and the story about her.  He sat down, took her apart, cleaned, oiled, and adjusted her a tiny bit and she sews perfect!  :)  Let's just say that I was very pleased with my hubby that day!  
 She has a ton of attachments, the manual, needles, and everything. 
Here she is a few days ago as I was piecing with her.  
Here is the quilt top that I pieced with her.  She did a wonderful job sewing and I didn't have a single problem with her.  
 I've lovingly named her, "Baby Girl" and I just finished piecing a quilt top on her.  I hope we have many more years together.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Singer 9113

Okay, I guess this one isn't really vintage/antique and it doesn't blend well with the other machines that I have on here but I did buy it at Goodwill for $8.  

It is a Singer 9113 and made in the 1990's.  This machine had not been used so that is one reason that I bought it.  It still have the plastic wrap on the bobbins.  The lever that raises the foot up almost felt like it was broke and would not raise up the foot.  Once I got it home, I took it apart and the spring was caught on itself.  Barely touched it and it works just fine.  
Anyway, everything is there, all of the attachments and stuff.  I will probably just pass this machine on to someone else that needs it worse than I do.  It was well worth $8.