Sunday, October 28, 2012

1942 New Home

 This is a New Home that I bought several years ago.  I bought it back on July 28, 2008 for $20 at a thrift store.  This is the first old machine that I bought.  I did some research on her and she is from 1942.  The photo was taken while it was still in the thrift store.  I paid for it but had to leave her and pick her up later because I was in the car and it wouldn't fit.  
After I got her home, I cleaned her up and oiled her real good.  She sews great!  I haven't had her out for a while to sew but I did oil her a while back.  

This photo was taken after I got it home and Hunter decided to use it as an Army base.  LOL!
She had a full box of attachments too.  
She even had all of the original paperwork and the oil bottle.  
 At this point this is the most that I have paid for a vintage machine.  Not bad for $20!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1960 Singer 404

 Today October 18th, 2012, mom and I stopped by a thrift store and found a couple of machines.  I already posted about the blue one but here is the other one.  It is in a cabinet that was a little dusty.  
Here she is before I cleaned her up!  
Her backside!  :)
 I sat down, took her apart, cleaned and oiled her and she sews perfectly!  I didn't even have to adjust anything on her.  

She is a 1960 Singer 404 with the serial # AN300440.  I love the way she sews!  Seems like she is a real workhorse.  
 You can see here, she does some fine stitching.  I only have one bobbin for her so I will need to pick up a pack or two.  
Here are both of the girls together.  I paid $15 for the Singer too!  $30 for 2 machines that sew perfectly!  It was a good day!
Now to find a place to put them....

Deluxe Precision Princess, 1950's?

Today, Oct 18th, 2012, mom and I stopped at a couple of thrift stores in town and we found a couple of machines.  This is one of them.  You can see the case was a little dirty.
Here she is when I got her home and before I cleaned her.  
Now she is all shined up and ready to sew!  I sat down, took her apart, cleaned and oiled her and she sews like a jewel!  She is a Deluxe Precision Princess.  Made in Japan and from what I can find out sometime in the 50's.  She is a model 2000 with a serial # of 06954.  
Here are her stitches!  I didn't even have to adjust the tension or anything.  
Here is the end of the machine.  She has a little bit of pretty detail on her.  
I'm well pleased with her and the best part.....she only cost me $15!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

1977 Kenmore

 Mom and I stopped at Goodwill, June 30th, 2012 because it was their half price day.  I found this machine priced $8 but I got it for a mere $4.  The case was dirty but when I removed the top, the machine was very clean and everything seemed to move freely.  
This is when I got her home and out of the case.  See....very clean.  Of course, I still took her apart and cleaned and oiled her anyway.  Not really any adjusting and she sews great!  
She is a 1977 Kenmore, 
model # 158.12310   Serial # 0043275

The bottom of the foot pedal doesn't even look like it has seen the floor!  
This is my daily sewing machine!!  I sew on her almost every day and I love her.  She is a real workhorse!  Now that I realize how these older machine sew, I don't think I will every buy another new one.  

White 1315, early 60's?

 I bought this machine at the Catholic Thrift Store in town on July 24, 2012.  Richard and I stopped by there and this was the only machine that I found and it was under a bunch of other stuff.  I bought it for $5.  I figured for $5 I could take a chance on it.  
She is a White 1315.  Serial # 14801.  I really can't find very much info on this machine except that it was made in Japan possibly in the early 60's.  I can't find any records for dating this machine, so if you read this and know more info than what I have, please let me know.  
She was a little gunky but as always, I took her apart, cleaned, and oiled her.  She sews fantastic!  
 After the cleaning she looks a little better.  
 Here is a sample of her stitches.  I'm so glad that I found her for $5.  
 I think that I may have Richard to build a base for her when he gets time.  I have 2 White brand machine and they seem to sew rather well.  

1957 White 2775

I bought this machine August 31, 2012.  It is a White 2775 made in 1957.  Serial # 28032.  I bought it in the cabinet at Goodwill on their half price day for $10.  I was very excited to get it home and tear it apart.  The info that I can find on her is that she was made in 1957 and this was the last year in which White made it's machines in the USA.  This was also the only year this model was made and only 8,785 were made.  
 The cabinet as you can see had lots of scuffs on it but I cleaned and lightly sanded before touching it up with a little stain.  Now it looks wonderful.  You can see a finished photo of the cabinet at the end of this post.  

Here it is again before I removed the duct tape.  
 Looking down at the gunky machine and scratched cabinet.  
 It had the Buttonholer that looks like it had never been used.  
 All of the attachments and manuals.  
 Here she is during the cleaning process...
 After the cleaning process...
 She is a very heavy machine and with a little cleaning, oiling and adjusting, she sews wonderful.  She seems to be a little louder than some of the other machines that I have.  Not a "bad" loud just the motor is a little louder than my other White.  I like her and I am very happy that I got her for a mere $10.  

Some of the stitches as I was adjusting...
 As of right now, I have her sitting in my living room, which she looks a little odd under that big picture.  I will probably move her elsewhere when I find a place but I did go ahead and set a plant and some picture frames on her for decoration.  
 I love finding these older machines and playing with them.

1906 Singer Treadle

 This is my first treadle!  I've wanted one for a long time and I traded with a friend of mine for this one.  This is a 1906 Singer 27 with the Sphinx decals and shuttle bobbin.  Vin# H653733 made in Elizabeth, NJ.  

This is the day that she was brought home and she was sitting in the middle of my living room.  My friend told me that it had belonged to her aunt that is still living but no longer wanted the machine.  I'm not sure how the aunt acquired it, if she bought it used or if it had been passed down.  That is certainly something that I would like to find out.  My friend, Mitsie, said that it had been used up until a few years ago and it was just taking up space in her house.  I am quilting a quilt top for her in exchange for this machine.  
Mitsie said that someone in the family was going to redo the cabinet and ended up only doing the drawer.  I think I may have Richard to sand it and stain it darker like the original cabinet.  
This machine has been well used and the decals are worn but hey, it is 106 years old so I don't expect it to be perfect.  I love it!  After I got it home, I sat down and took it part, cleaning and oiling everything.  Actually it didn't have that much gunk in it so I figure it had been cleaned and not really used since then.  

The treadle pedal was a little stiff and when I first started treadling, my legs hurt because it was stiff.  So lots of oil everywhere and working the pedal loosened it up and now it is perfect and treadles very easy.  This was my first machine ever with a shuttle bobbin so that was a little odd at first but not that bad once I figured it out.  The tension needed very little adjusting and now sews wonderfully.
 I was sewing around on scraps adjusting the thread tension and trying to get the treadle action down and Hunter came up to me and said, "mom, let me do it"  I told him that he probably wouldn't be able to because you had to get the wheel going a certain direction and get the treadle action just right.  He wouldn't hush so I got up and let him try it.  He has yet to break the thread!!!  It was like he had been treadling forever!  LOL!  He loves it and thinks it is cool.  This is his scrap that he had been sewing.  
 I heard him talking to a friend of his and he said, "Hey Wyatt, you know how my mom likes to sew all of the time?  Well, she got this sewing machine and it is 106 years old and it doesn't even use ELECTRIC!!!"  LOL!  I thought that was cute!  Even though a lot of us grew up seeing treadles or learning to sew on one, to kids now days they are fascinating and cool.  :)

You can read the original post of when I got this machine on my other blog... Cowgirl Quilter

After I finish the quilt that I am piecing on my Featherweight I want to piece a quilt on this treadle.  I'll keep you updated on that...