Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1933 Singer Featherweight

 Finally here is my Featherweight!  I thought I had it on here but I didn't.  These photos were taken before I really cleaned her up.  

She is a 1933 Singer Featherweight.  I found out that this was the first year that they made the 221.  
I bought her back in 2008, I believe for $5.  Yep!  $5!  She was in a thrift store and they had just set her out.  I asked the lady how much and she replied $15.  I asked if I could plug her up, but they didn't have an outlet available, or so they said.  In the end, I got her down to $5 because I didn't know if she sewed or not.  I figured that if she didn't, she would still be pretty to set out and display.  
I got her home and out of her case, plugged her in and she just hummed but did NOTHING.  My heart sank just a little.  
 When Richard got home that evening, I showed him what I bought and the story about her.  He sat down, took her apart, cleaned, oiled, and adjusted her a tiny bit and she sews perfect!  :)  Let's just say that I was very pleased with my hubby that day!  
 She has a ton of attachments, the manual, needles, and everything. 
Here she is a few days ago as I was piecing with her.  
Here is the quilt top that I pieced with her.  She did a wonderful job sewing and I didn't have a single problem with her.  
 I've lovingly named her, "Baby Girl" and I just finished piecing a quilt top on her.  I hope we have many more years together.  


  1. That is a lovely FW. I think mine is 1954. It is a centenial...whatever that means. It has a red metal decal. Her name is Evelyn. The best piecing I ever do is on the FW. I love your quilt!

  2. Was this sold? If not, please let me know.