Sunday, October 14, 2012

1977 Kenmore

 Mom and I stopped at Goodwill, June 30th, 2012 because it was their half price day.  I found this machine priced $8 but I got it for a mere $4.  The case was dirty but when I removed the top, the machine was very clean and everything seemed to move freely.  
This is when I got her home and out of the case.  See....very clean.  Of course, I still took her apart and cleaned and oiled her anyway.  Not really any adjusting and she sews great!  
She is a 1977 Kenmore, 
model # 158.12310   Serial # 0043275

The bottom of the foot pedal doesn't even look like it has seen the floor!  
This is my daily sewing machine!!  I sew on her almost every day and I love her.  She is a real workhorse!  Now that I realize how these older machine sew, I don't think I will every buy another new one.  

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