Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deluxe Precision Princess, 1950's?

Today, Oct 18th, 2012, mom and I stopped at a couple of thrift stores in town and we found a couple of machines.  This is one of them.  You can see the case was a little dirty.
Here she is when I got her home and before I cleaned her.  
Now she is all shined up and ready to sew!  I sat down, took her apart, cleaned and oiled her and she sews like a jewel!  She is a Deluxe Precision Princess.  Made in Japan and from what I can find out sometime in the 50's.  She is a model 2000 with a serial # of 06954.  
Here are her stitches!  I didn't even have to adjust the tension or anything.  
Here is the end of the machine.  She has a little bit of pretty detail on her.  
I'm well pleased with her and the best part.....she only cost me $15!!!

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  1. Could you help me out? I need to insert the bobbin. I have no manual, and I can't figure it out!! Thanks.