Sunday, October 14, 2012

White 1315, early 60's?

 I bought this machine at the Catholic Thrift Store in town on July 24, 2012.  Richard and I stopped by there and this was the only machine that I found and it was under a bunch of other stuff.  I bought it for $5.  I figured for $5 I could take a chance on it.  
She is a White 1315.  Serial # 14801.  I really can't find very much info on this machine except that it was made in Japan possibly in the early 60's.  I can't find any records for dating this machine, so if you read this and know more info than what I have, please let me know.  
She was a little gunky but as always, I took her apart, cleaned, and oiled her.  She sews fantastic!  
 After the cleaning she looks a little better.  
 Here is a sample of her stitches.  I'm so glad that I found her for $5.  
 I think that I may have Richard to build a base for her when he gets time.  I have 2 White brand machine and they seem to sew rather well.  


  1. I just purchased this same model machine at a thrift store. Mine isn't feeding the fabric well. I'll have to mess with it more. Have you found out anything more on this model?

  2. I just purchased mine for $40 and the wonderful lady threw in an anniversary Singer from 1951. Unfortunately, I know nothing about these things. I'm looking for information on cleaning them and servicing them. Thank you <3

  3. i have a model 1315 - it turn on, motor sounds great... but i am nto sure how to make it work (it turns) but the needle stays still etc,,