Sunday, October 14, 2012

1957 White 2775

I bought this machine August 31, 2012.  It is a White 2775 made in 1957.  Serial # 28032.  I bought it in the cabinet at Goodwill on their half price day for $10.  I was very excited to get it home and tear it apart.  The info that I can find on her is that she was made in 1957 and this was the last year in which White made it's machines in the USA.  This was also the only year this model was made and only 8,785 were made.  
 The cabinet as you can see had lots of scuffs on it but I cleaned and lightly sanded before touching it up with a little stain.  Now it looks wonderful.  You can see a finished photo of the cabinet at the end of this post.  

Here it is again before I removed the duct tape.  
 Looking down at the gunky machine and scratched cabinet.  
 It had the Buttonholer that looks like it had never been used.  
 All of the attachments and manuals.  
 Here she is during the cleaning process...
 After the cleaning process...
 She is a very heavy machine and with a little cleaning, oiling and adjusting, she sews wonderful.  She seems to be a little louder than some of the other machines that I have.  Not a "bad" loud just the motor is a little louder than my other White.  I like her and I am very happy that I got her for a mere $10.  

Some of the stitches as I was adjusting...
 As of right now, I have her sitting in my living room, which she looks a little odd under that big picture.  I will probably move her elsewhere when I find a place but I did go ahead and set a plant and some picture frames on her for decoration.  
 I love finding these older machines and playing with them.


  1. Yours is the most info I have found on a White 2775-274387 (on the metal plate) that I adopted, cleaned & oiled up, and have no manual for. Stitches pretty well; I personally love the good ol' heavy ones. Any way to send you a picture of mine? It looks similar. Does your rotary wheel need to turn backwards also?

  2. So happy to come across your blog, I just today picked up a 1957 White 2775! She's beautiful, but gunky and the bobbin spinner is not attached. Can I ask how you go about dismantling and cleaning this old beauty? (and then putting her back together, of course!) Any tips will be greatly appreciated, as I'd really like to actually sew with it.