Thursday, October 18, 2012

1960 Singer 404

 Today October 18th, 2012, mom and I stopped by a thrift store and found a couple of machines.  I already posted about the blue one but here is the other one.  It is in a cabinet that was a little dusty.  
Here she is before I cleaned her up!  
Her backside!  :)
 I sat down, took her apart, cleaned and oiled her and she sews perfectly!  I didn't even have to adjust anything on her.  

She is a 1960 Singer 404 with the serial # AN300440.  I love the way she sews!  Seems like she is a real workhorse.  
 You can see here, she does some fine stitching.  I only have one bobbin for her so I will need to pick up a pack or two.  
Here are both of the girls together.  I paid $15 for the Singer too!  $30 for 2 machines that sew perfectly!  It was a good day!
Now to find a place to put them....

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